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Comprehensive quarterly directory of Internet sites commonly requested by learners when researching in the Library. The whole database has in excess of 6,000 records.  Approximately 125 up to date and relevant World Wide Web sites are selected each term to meet the research needs of learners. Each site is annotated and placed under a school subject heading. Sites are carefully chosen for their educational content and usefulness by a Teacher Librarian and experienced educators. 
The MARC format can be loaded into a school library catalogue that accepts USMARC records.

Each month the file is updated and can be imported to add to or replace the previous term(s) and maintain an up-to-date listing of working sites. 12 month subscription.

Subscription sample: To download a sample in MARC format, right click on and choose "save". To download a sample in MARC format for Softlink's Oliver, right click on and choose "save".


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