Promote reading: Activities and strategies to motivate reading [E-Book]

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Author: Edited by Pat Pledger 2012

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ISBN 9781876678272  Promote reading: Activities and strategies to motivate reading [E-Book PDF and DOC delivered by email in the week following order receipt]


Promote Reading has a wonderful group of ideas, activities and research articles that will help the busy teacher librarian, librarian and teacher find different ways to introduce children of all ages to the joy of reading and to help keep them reading for pleasure. The articles range from fabulous, quick ideas that can be used constantly like Book of the week, Speed Dating,  Speed Booking, and a proforma for writing a book review, to thoughtful programs that need time to develop.  A literature unit example provides ideas on how to use fiction to teach history. There are humorous ideas that work well, but will also provide some laughs like Pee and Reads and Loo reviews and serious articles like Giving wings to story that will make the reader think. Scattered throughout the book are some links to free posters and ideas for bookmarks.
Articles about Glogster, Wordle, QR codes and Google Lit Trips will assist people who want to use technology as a way to encourage interest in books. For those who like to add competition as a spice to reading, there are instructions on how to run a Readers Cup competition, a literary quiz and a Book Oscars Award.
Book Week will always be a time to celebrate books, and the Children’s Book Council of Australia does a superb job in promoting quality literature.  Children’s Book Choice Awards are a useful way to find out just what children want to read.
Practitioner research, supported by of the International Boys' Schools Coalition's Action Research Programme, and focused on motivating boys to read, can be found in two action research articles Boys sharing what they see in books and Dads read, boys win: How male mentors motivate boys to read.


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