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ReadPlus online fiction directories

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Login to search and create a fiction list based on: Theme, Author, Title, Film, Teacher resource and Awards.

Check our author profiles, mini-book reviews, book news, free resources, for teachers on themed units, in-depth book features and resources, For a sample list, login to try a limited search.

Designed for teachers, teacher librarians and others who want to know what reading is available on a particular topic for a particular age level.

Compiled by experienced educators, who have worked with children, reviewed books for children's literature magazines, and kept up-to-date with current children's publications.

Especially useful for English teachers and teacher librarians who want to easily produce a list of fiction books under a theme or subject heading.

The fiction list can then be used as the basis for selecting books from the library shelves or for purchases from booksellers.

In addition lesson plans and additional resources are available from the website to assist in guiding teachers, students and young readers.


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