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Subject: Society/Environment
Category: Deforestation

Tropical deforestation fact sheet

The NASA Earth Observatory website has information about tropical deforestation. Topics on the website include the reasons for deforestation, the rate of destruction, effects global processes such as warming, watercycle and biodiversity and the consequences.

Subject: Geography
Category: Deforestation


Deforestation is the cutting down and removal of natural forests. Greenpeace reports that it is one of the biggest threats to wildlife, the natural world and the climate. Here are key facts about deforestation in forests like the Amazon: what's causing it, its effects on people, animals and the climate, and what can be done to stop it.

Subject: Geography
Category: Deforestation

Learn the effects of deforestation

The World Wildlife Fund describes forest destruction as a crisis for the whole planet. The page explains why forests matter, the causes of deforestation, and what can be done to promote more sustainable use of the world's forests.

Subject: Geography
Category: Forests and forestry


The 3D Geography site explains the causes and effects of deforestation around the world. Effects include global warming, soil erosion, increased flooding, and loss of biodiversity and wildlife.

Subject: Geography
Category: Amazon Region - Environmental conditions

Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest absorbs more greenhouse gases than any other tropical forest. Rising deforestation in Brazil threatens biodiversity and could accelerate climate change. This interactive site from the Council for Foreign Relations highlights the issues.

Subject: Geography
Category: Deforestation

10 myths about deforestation

The World Wildlife Fund site presents myths and facts about the destruction of forests, food and land waste, beef, palm oil, British meat, going vegan, avoiding certain foods or brands, food companies, governments and what can we all do about it.

Subject: Geography
Category: Forests and forestry - Australia

Little left to lose: deforestation and forest degradation in Australia since European colonisation

This journal article reports that despite Australia's relatively small population, human activity has been responsible for extensive deforestation and forest degradation since European settlement, due to clearing, logging, invasive weed species and altered fire regimes. Effect of human activity on habitat.

Subject: History
Category: Indigenous peoples

Displaced Indigenous Malaysians face uncertain future

This Our World article reports that Malaysia's Orang Asli or Indigenous people, victims of globalisation and deforestation, are being relocated from their forests due to development.

Subject: Geography
Category: Coffee

How green is your coffee

The Guardian reports that surge in demand for coffee has had an environmental impact with deforestation and loss of biodiversity, but efforts are afoot to make production more sustainable through fair trade efforts. Consumables.

Subject: Science
Category: Ecology

Conservation videos for schools

World Land Trust has produced a series of videos covering a range of topics relating to rainforests and conservation, including: habitats, species, food chains, deforestation, types of forest, and human impact on the environment.

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